Alec McGrath is the Penderwicks' next door neighbor at Point Mouette, he earns Jeffrey's admiration because of his comprehensive music room (containing many instruments, including a grand piano). He also owns a dog, Hoover, who creates many problems for the Penderwicks, and primarily lives in Boston. After shaving his beard, it becomes apparent to Skye and Jane the similarity between him and Jeffrey, and eventually it is revealed that he is Jeffrey's long-lost father, a fact Jeffrey has extreme trouble with.


Prior to the First BookEdit

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First BookEdit

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It is said he looks much like Jeffery, who has short, straight, light brown hair that has trouble staying down, green eyes, and freckles. When the girls first meet Alec, he has a beard and they cannot figure out who he looks like--when he shaves his beard, however, he and Jeffery look almost exactly alike.


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Brenda Tifton Edit

Alec was originally married to Brenda Tifton. They broke up when Brenda was pregnant with Jeffrey. Alec has many bad memories of Mrs. Tifton.

Jeffrey Tifton Edit

Though at first, Jeffrey is mad at his father, they come to grow close. In the end, they are a happy father and son.