Family Edit

  • Ben Penderwick is technically not related to the original Penderwick sisters, as he becomes a Penderwick when his mother, iantha, marries Mr. Penderwick.
  • Ben is very close to his stepsisters and stepfather, as he was very young when he first met his future family.

Personality Edit

  • Ben is quite agreeable, though he is frusterated with the lack of brothers to talk to
  • He and his best friend Rafael have an obsession with outer space and astronaut, and Ben acquires a short-lived fascination with Minnesota in the Penderwicks in Spring. Ben also loves dinosaurs and all rocks
  • He has a fascination with interesting Or unlikely facts, most of which his BFF Rafael makes up.
  • Ben has a wild imagination that he often builds into his world (he has a large box of action figures and model airplanes behind the bushes beside the Penderwick house.)

Apearence Edit

  • Flaming red hair, inherited from his mother
  • usually filthy from playing or digging up rocks