Brenda Tifton (née Framley) owns Arundel Hall and is Jeffrey's mother. She is very rich, strict, stubborn, snobbish, and is said to have an expression of steel or a hawk or even a pickle when angry. Mrs. Tifton believes the Penderwick sisters to be vulgar (an opinon that she evaluated after Jeffrey's birthday dinner), and dislikes all of the sisters, although Jane seems to escape her criticism, due to being largely mistaken for Skye. In the fifth book, she says Lydia Penderwick seems less “difficult” than the rest, a title Lydia doesn’t appreciate. She marries Dexter Dupree, an equally snobby man, following the first book, and embarks on a worldwide honeymoon. She was formerly married to Alec McGrath.

In The Penderwicks at Last it is revealed that she has six ex-husbands, including Dexter Dupree.


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big cheek bones, and brown hair.



General Tifton - General Tifton is Mrs.Tifton's beloved father. The general was disappointed that he didn't have a son to follow in his footsteps, so when Jeffery was born, he planned for Jeffery to be a solider and go to Pencey Military Academy when he was 12, which Jeffery and The Penderwicks prevented.

Dexter Dupree - Dexter was Mrs. Tifton's boyfriend, and they later got married. The sisters and Jeffrey hate him, but couldn't prevent the marriage.

Love InterestsEdit

Alec McGrath- He was the person Mrs. Tifton originally loved when she was younger, though their marriage was a Big Mistake and ended in terrible arguments. He left without knowing that Mrs. Tifton was pregnant.