Cagney Pelletier is the gardener for Arundel Hall. He enjoys playing basketball and reading about the Civil War. His favorite snack is chocolate brownies, and he owns two rabbits, Yaz and Carla. He dates a girl named Kathleen, although they break up before the end of the first book. He begins teacher-training lessons several months after the Penderwicks' summer at Arundel.

In The Penderwicks at Last, it is revealed that he becomes a history teacher, marries Natalie (an art teacher), and has a son named Jack (12) and a daughter named Alice (10), who becomes friends with Batty Penderwick. He lives in the Arundel cottage once rented to the Penderwicks.


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Cagney is tall and good-looking, according to Rosalind. Rosalind initially estimates his age at "eighteen, maybe nineteen years old".


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Love InterestsEdit

Rosalind Penderwick- Rosalind had a huge crush on Cagney. She sent letter after letter to her best friend Anna telling about Cagney, who she learned a lot about. She baked so many batches of brownies for him it is said she could bake them in her sleep. She even bought a Civil War book for him, but he showed more interest in the book than Rosalind herself. Near the end of the first book, he gives her a rose bush.

Kathleen - Rosalind saw Kathleen and Cagney kissing when she went out for a walk, which caused her to fall on a rock and hurt her head. Kathleen is said to be beautiful with red hair and she is nice, though Cagney later says their relationship didn't work out since she wasn't easy to talk to, like Rosalind.

Nicole Pelletier-