Dexter Dupree is Jeffery's disliked stepfather, who is a publisher for a car magazine, "Lines on the Road". He also enjoys golfing, and has a prominent smirk (which makes its way onto Skye, Jane, and Jeffrey's archery target). These three children also name one of their soccer balls Dexter so they could kick him around (the other ball being named "Pencey Military Academy"). He marries Brenda Tifton and they go on a worldwide honeymoon.


The PenderwicksEdit

Dexter is dating Mrs.Tifton. He was supportive of sending Jeffery to Pencey Military Academy one year early. By the end it is clear that Jeffery still hates him. He and Mrs. Tifton got married in the end. Dexter also breaks Jane's heart by saying her book is terrible after she worked very hard on it.

The Penderwicks on Gardam Street Edit

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The Penderwicks at Point MouetteEdit

He arrives at Point Mouette to try to take Jeffrey home.


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Brenda Tifton- Dexter and Mrs.Tifton get married despite Jeffery's complaints. This is the one issue that wasn't solved at the end of The Penderwicks.

Jeffrey Tifton- Jeffrey and Dexter share a mutual dislike of each other.