Martin Penderwick is the head of the Penderwick household. He is a very loving and caring, if often absentminded, and always forgets where his glasses are. A professor of botany at Cameron University, he frequently uses Latin in everyday speech and also enjoys classical music, particularly opera. Following the loss of his first wife, Elizabeth, he is able to look after his four daughters well, yet he feels guilty that his eldest daughter Rosalind Penderwick had taken over many of her mother's duties, being the one to advise and comfort her sisters. He marries next-door neighbor and colleague Iantha Aaronson toward the conclusion of The Penderwicks at Gardam Street.


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Martin Penderwick is absentminded, misplacing little things like his reading glasses quite often. He is a wonderful father to the girls, even though he feels guilty for letting Rosalind take on so much responsibility. He is very fatherly and kind. We learn more about him in The Penderwicks on Gardam Street.


His daughters Jane and Rosalind take after him in appearance, with their dark hair and eyes.



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